Mobile Legends Scene: 3 Indonesian Women Manage the Team

Mobile Legends Scene: 3 Indonesian Women Manage the Team

3 Indonesia women are making moves as team managers in the Mobile Legends scene. Let’s look into the lives of three phenomenal women managers who are making a difference.

Mobile Legends Scene: Jelita is the center of ONIC Esports.

Meet Jelita Febryani, who runs ONIC Esports and is a loving person. As boss of the team, Jelita does more than just the basics. People think that her willingness to help others is a big reason for ONIC’s growing success in the MPL.

Personal Link: Jelita is more than just a boss to her players; she’s also their friend. She is someone that players go to to talk about not only game plans but also their personal lives and problems. ONIC Esports is more than just a team when Jelita, a hijabi boss, is in charge. It’s like a family.

Approach that is friendly to the media: Jelita’s friendly personality goes beyond her team. She makes the media feel welcome, showing that she is a boss who not only backs her players but also builds good relationships with the public.

Mobile Legends Scene: Nads: The Captain of EVOS Icon for a Long Time

Nadya, who everyone calls “Nads,” has been in charge of EVOS Icon since the first season of MDL. The fact that she has been with one of the biggest teams in MLBB Indonesia for a long time says a lot about her skills.

Durable Bonds: Over the years, Nads has built a strong bond with the EVOS Icon team. Her long-lasting friendships with players are a big part of why the team is known as the White Tiger. She stands out as a manager who not only gets things done but also makes links that last.

Ines: The boss at Geek Fam ID for a long time

Ines Bestari has been in charge of RRQ Hoshi before the MPL became a franchise league, so she is a real veteran of the Indonesian esports scene. As a general manager at Geek Fam ID, she now brings her many years of knowledge to the company.

Versatile Leadership: Ines’s journey shows how flexible she is. She has managed one of the first MPL teams and is now in charge of several e-sports groups at Geek Fam ID. This shows that a good manager can change roles and lead in different situations.

Franchise League Transition: Ines’s move from RRQ Hoshi to Geek Fam ID shows how well she can adapt to how games are changing. She brings extra knowledge to the team and the whole esports community, which is a good thing.

Mobile Legends Scene: In conclusion:

In Indonesia’s fast-paced world of Mobile Legends esports, these three women stand out as great managers. Showing that gender doesn’t matter when it comes to success just play with NIAGASLOT. There is a lot of life in the esports scene thanks to Jelita’s friendliness, Nads’s long-lasting ties, and Ines’s ability to lead in a variety of ways. As long as these managers keep making waves, they will inspire a new generation of gamers by showing that anyone, male or female, can lead with love and excellence in the exciting world of esports.