The Marvels Faces Challenges with Weakest MCU Opening Weekend

A new Marvel movie called “The Marvels” didn’t do as well as expected when it first came out in theaters. It earned about $47 million in the United States during its opening weekend, making it the lowest-earning Marvel movie so far. People are wondering what this means for future Marvel films.

Not as Many Viewers as Hoped

At first, experts thought “The Marvels” would make between $75 million and $80 million when it opened. But the actual number was much lower, and even the revised expectations of $60 million to $65 million didn’t happen. This made it the Marvel movie with the least money earned during its opening.

How It Did Around the World

While it didn’t do great in the United States, “The Marvels” did better in other countries, earning $63.3 million internationally. This made its total global earnings reach $110.3 million. So, even if it didn’t do well at home, people around the world still wanted to see it.

What Critics and Fans Think

People who write about movies didn’t love “The Marvels” as much, giving it only a 62% score on a website called Rotten Tomatoes. But the people who watched it gave it a better score of 85%. This shows that even though the experts weren’t super impressed, the viewers still enjoyed it.

After the Big Avengers Movie

A few years ago, there was a really big Marvel movie called “Avengers: Endgame.” It finished many storylines for important characters like Captain America and Iron Man. Since then, Marvel has tried to make new movies and shows, but it hasn’t always worked as well with the audience.

Why It’s Hard for Marvel Now

Marvel has set very high standards for itself with its previous successful movies. Every time a new movie or show comes out, it needs to be great by itself and also move the bigger Marvel story forward. This can be tough because people expect a lot from Marvel.

Adding More Marvel Everywhere

Marvel has been making shows for a streaming service called Disney+. But some people feel like there’s too much Marvel everywhere, and it can be hard to understand the movies if you haven’t watched all the shows. Finding the right balance has become a challenge for Marvel.

How Much Money “The Marvels” Made

Even though “The Marvels” earned $47 million in its opening, it’s still a good amount for any movie. However, compared to how much other Marvel movies made in the past, it’s not as much. This might make Marvel think about how they release their movies in the future.

What the Marvel Boss Says

The person in charge of Marvel, Bob Iger, has said that they’re looking at how they release movies and shows. He thinks they made too many things recently and wants to focus on making fewer but better ones. This could change how we see Marvel movies in the future.

Challenges with a Marvel Actor

One of the actors in the Marvel movie, Jonathan Majors, is facing some problems outside of acting. He’s dealing with legal issues because of accusations of hurting and mistreating someone. This adds more difficulty to Marvel’s situation.

What’s Next for Marvel

Even though “The Marvels” didn’t do as well as they hoped, Marvel is still a big and important part of movies and shows. They might need to think about how to do things differently, and people are curious to see what Marvel will do next.

In Conclusion

“The Marvels” had a tough start, making less money than other Marvel movies. Marvel is facing challenges in pleasing both experts and fans, especially after the big Avengers movie. The way Marvel is expanding into shows and streaming services adds more complexity. They earned a good amount, but it’s not as much as they’re used to. Marvel’s boss, Bob Iger, is thinking about how they release things in the future. Marvel is at a crossroads, and people are waiting to see what exciting things they will do next.